Operation Optimistic


Complimentary Customized Hiring and Recruitment Consultation

The COVID-19 pandemic is an uphill battle that will continue to impact us every day. However, as companies stabilize their workforces virtually and others begin the planning process of reopening offices and phasing employees back on-site, the “optimistic” arrow is pointing up.


As a leader at your company, we understand the challenges you have already taken head on and will continue to face in the days ahead as “expect the unexpected” remains the mantra for most.


In the spirit of Talent Retriever’s Operation Optimistic initiative, we are making our Senior Consultants available to you for a 60-minute consultation. You choose the focus area of the discussion and your Consultant will offer advice and ideas tailored to you on the spot.

Focus Areas for Consultation


Re-emerging on the other side of Covid

  • How to maximize rebuilding efforts with a limited budget due to decreased revenue

  • When and how to bring back furloughed employees

  • Prioritizing teams and departments to redevelop

  • Evaluating when to resume active hiring strategies

  • Developing a hiring/growth -plan over 30, 90, 180 days.


Hiring in a “Virtually” Employer Driven Market

  • Finding your best formula for retention-driven hiring decisions in a changing market


  • How to quickly pre-qualify inbound candidates


  • Revisiting and revising resources and strategies for active recruitment: Job Postings, Social Media, Career Page


  • How to communicate your culture using virtual channels and tools


Virtual interviewing and onboarding strategies


Developing a Recruitment Process Built for 2020

  • Building a virtual hiring team: defining roles, responsibilities, expectations across teams


  • How to be nimble and manage recruiting when internal resources have been depleted


  • Developing a revamped interviewing and hiring process: how to move quickly and make confident decisions


  • Reconsidering ways to keep Candidates Engaged and interested so you are at the top of their list

Meet Our Senior Consultants

Talent Retriever's Senior Talent Consultants have decades worth of combined experience and have guided leaders of nation's fastest growing companies through their greatest hiring challenges. Although the obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic are fluid - our team is creative, innovative and resourceful and will work with you to help find solutions to the problems you are facing. We look forward to connecting with you.


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